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Manitoba Instructors

Teresa Evans
Senior Instructor Manitoba


Teresa is a Senior Certified Pranic Healer. She took her first Pranic Healing class in 1993 and progressed to having a full time practice and teaching as a Certified Instructor of Pranic Healing in 1996. She studied personally with the modern-day founder of Pranic Healing, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and was also mentored by Master Nona Castro in Canada.


Teresa draws upon her nursing background to blend this ancient knowledge of energy with today’s modern medical understanding of the physical and mental bodies. Teresa is currently teaching Pranic Healing Level One, Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy in Oregon, California, Washington and Canada. She mentors Pranic Healers through certification, and supports the various Pranic Healing clinics in her areas.


She maintains a private Pranic Healing practice in Portland,OR that focuses on psychological/spiritual healing and growth.

Teresa has a passion for teaching and inspiring her students to embrace these simple but powerful tools for healing and to open to their own innate wisdom. She enjoys her healing practice and being a vehicle for Spirit.

Teresa's website:


Colette Chabot

Colette is an Associate Pranic Healer and Senior Instructor located in Winnipeg. Colette teaches Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing.  She provides services in both official languages. 


Cell: 204-797-1558



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