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Is Pranic Healing easy to learn?


The methods of applying Pranic Healing are simple, straightforward and easy to understand. This allows anyone with the ability to concentrate and follow instructions to learn Pranic Healing in no time at all. Everyone has the innate ability to heal or reduce pain. With Pranic Healing you can easily learn to cultivate and awaken this energy within you to help yourself and others in a very short time. Everything is made of energy and we are living in a life ocean of energy. A person with an open but discriminative mind and a certain amount of persistence to practise can learn to become very proficient at Pranic Healing in a relatively short time.


In the palm of your hands are energy centres called chakras. Through a simple exercise that sensitizes these chakras, you will be able to feel (scan) your own and other peoples energy fields. When you become attuned to sensitivity, which can be learned in as little a five minutes, you then will learn to scan energy fields to locate areas of abnormalities. These areas in the energy field can then be cleansed, energized and revitalized with new prana. Behind the simplicity is a sophisticated technology and extensive research that is one of the best among all publicly taught alternative healing arts. You will also learn techniques to stop the drain of energy as well as minimize energetic contamination that many health practitioners experience while working on others. You will actually energize yourself while you are doing Pranic Healing on some one else! The MCKS Pranic Healing courses are standardized. At the completion of each course you receive an original certificate from our Main Institute, that allows you to continue your study at any authorized MCKS Pranic Healing Centres around the world. Pranic Healing is respectful of all religions and philosophies.


Click on the book covers below for a full description and schedule of each course:

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